Residencies & Workshops

Ongoing By Appointment


The L.A. Troupe’s artist-educator led residencies use adapted classical scripts and are rehearsal based, culminating in a student performance. 

In the course of the residency, students are encouraged to explore the different ways language can be used to express ideas and how language can be used to convey the emotional context of words. Also, through working together in an ensemble production, students learn to respect each other as contributing members of a group as well as gaining confidence in their own abilities. Every child has a role to play and is given a chance to shine.

Each residency is tailored to the needs of the school and is developed with the artist and teachers in a pre-residency faculty session.

…I loved when we did the warm-ups, it made us focus and giggle at the same time. The iambic pentameter was great…it sounded amazing. My favorite part was when we performed because it made me smile when the little children laughed at what was happening.
— Student, Palm Avenue School


Also available: Professional Development and Parent Workshops        

The L.A. Troupe’s artist educators are known for their ability to explain Shakespeare’s  classic work with remarkable clarity and delightful humor.  During a Professional Development Workshop, the artist will provide a synopsis of the plays, describe key elements of Shakespeare’s classical writing, and lead activities relevant for various grades.

The Teacher PD infused the teachers with enough confidence that they performed a scene from Romeo and Juliet, and the Family Night Workshop was AMAZING! It was a wonderful, rich experience for all.
— Coordinator, San Bernardino Unified School District